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Welcome to “The Villages Florida Guide”. Many of our site visitors are “newbys” when it comes to The Villages.  This section will give you a bit of historical perspective. The Villages is a planned retirement community located in Sumter, Lake and Marion Counties in central Florida[…]

Restaurants in The Villages

The Villages has scores of restaurants that you can enjoy, we’ve listed a sample of those that are frequented by Villagers.

Golf Courses at The Villages

Playing golf within The Villages, Florida is a wonderful experience. In addition to dozens of Executive Golf Courses, The Villages golf center boasts nine of the most beautiful and challenging Championship  golf courses in the nation, and should not be missed by any golf enthusiast.

Activities at The Villages

Those who think that retirement is a time for nothing more than relaxation ought to visit The Villages, a gated community in Florida. Here, you’ll find people involved with such a wide range of activities that could easily put a younger person to shame.

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Each year, more and more people are discovering the terrific mix of activities, culture and services that our town’s lifestyle has to offer. Find out why The Villages, Florida has become the fastest growing micropolitan area in the country.


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Enjoying a Day at The Villages, Florida

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The Villages, Florida, is a beautiful retirement community where anyone would love to stay. With gorgeous houses, country clubs, recreation centers, and so much more, anyone could have a most enjoyable stay. There is just so much to do and see, a person would have the time of their life. How would you enjoy your day at The Villages?

For golf lovers, The Villages, FL is the perfect place to spend a day! With 37 gorgeous golf courses, there are enough spacious greens for anybody to enjoy themselves year-round. There is even a golf academy where a person can learn a few beginner tips or improve their current skills. Drive around the designated paths to travel all around The Villages by golf cart.

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Activities in The Villages, FL

the villages flIf golf is not your thing, there are a plethora of other sports in which to participate. Activities such as swimming, tennis, archery, softball, horseshoes, billiards, dance and more are available in the many recreation centers of The Villages, FL. No doubt a person will have no problem finding others who enjoy their favorite activity.

For the more artistic sorts, a person can enjoy their favorite arts and crafts. Spend time improving skills such as painting, quilting, woodworking, pottery, etc. Friends and family will certainly love the wonderful creations that can be made while exploring your passion.

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Entertainment in The Villages

The Villages Florida entertainmentMusicians, singers, and actors have the opportunity to get involved in the music and theater available in The Villages. Everyone enjoys listening to a musical production. You could play your favorite instrument, or even teach it to someone else. You'll find plenty of others who appreciate the performing arts as much as you!

For those who just want to have a good time, there are two old fashioned town squares, where people can gather to socialize or be entertained. There is free entertainment available every night. There are movie theaters for all to enjoy a great film. There are even plenty of places to have a fun-filled day of shopping, then eat a delicious meal at one of their great restaurants.

Certainly everyone can find a way to enjoy a day at The Villages, Florida!

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