Activities at The Villages

Activities in the VillagesThose who think that retirement is a time for nothing more than relaxation ought to visit The Villages, a gated community in Florida. Here, you’ll find people involved with such a wide range of activities that could easily put a younger person to shame.

Sporting spirit

If there’s one thing that ‘Villagers’ enjoy, it is keeping fit. Not surprising, considering the fact that residents are all aged above 55; they just can’t afford to be careless about their health. There is a wide range of activities to take up right from low impact exercising to power walking to yoga. The natural beauty of the place is just the right antidote to chase off the blues with a solitary walk.

For the more adventurous, you have canoeing, archery and scuba diving in addition to swimming, tennis, horseshoes – the list is actually endless.

Ideal for the golf fanatics

One of the most popular activities is Golf in The Villages. There are more than 20 executive golf courses and residents get to play on these courses free for as long as they live here. The whole area is covered by golf trails that have been built for travel using golf carts, so you find hardly anyone driving a car.

Having fun

Jazz, square, swing, line dancing – you name it and there’s a venue for it in The Villages. Music groups meet regularly to practice singing or playing some instrument. There are quite a few music bands too and many musically inclined residents even teach a course at the college located in the community.

There is a huge list of social clubs that residents can be a part of – it all depends on whether your interests lie in gardening, cheerleading or reading. There are many hobby groups too, eagerly waiting to add to their numbers.

Learning can be fun

If you’re living at The Villages, you could use this relaxed phase of life to pick up something you always wanted to learn, but never had the time to. So, whether it is bird watching, feng shui, photography or anthropology – you could learn it here.  You could even pass on your expertise in a particular field to others by volunteering to teach. See Educational facilities in the Villages.

Hanging out

This is one neighborhood where the age factor makes it easy for people to relate with each other. The two town squares that are conveniently located provide just the right ambience to catch up on the latest movie or on a gourmet meal.

Family time

Residents at The Villages often have family and friends over to enjoy the calm environs away from the bustle of a hectic life. The family pools at the village center are often the biggest attraction, more so because of the temperature control facility.

There’s so much to do at The Villages that not one moment is spent brooding over cares, real or imagined. In the instance that your burden is more than what you can carry, you’re sure to find the right set of ‘Villagers’ who live up to their reputation of being the friendliest community in the area.

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