The Villages Florida Webcams

the villages floridaThe Villages, Florida constitute one of the more unique and distinctive retirement communities in the country. Vast and sprawling, they aim to provide a full-service, authentic-feeling living space, modeled more along the lines of a lively, stand-alone town than traditional alternatives.

Among the foundations of the complex are a pair of town squares, where residents can gather for good conversation, music, shopping, and other entertainment—every day of the year. Now, you can take a peek at these anchor points for the Villages Florida with two webcams.

The Spanish Springs Town Square, as its name suggests, showcases old-style Spanish décor and architecture—calling to mind both the American Southwest and Florida’s own Euro-American history. Lake Sumter Landing and its Market Square, meanwhile, have a seaside aura to it, not least because of the beckoning lighthouse; you can take a leisurely boat ride on the water to complete the picture.
The webcams (Market Square &  Spanish Springs) trained on the two squares reveal a slice of these lively and convivial meeting grounds, where—as elsewhere in the Villages FL—pedestrians and golf carts are as frequently seen as passing automobiles. Along with eateries, shops, and music stages, among the attractions of both squares are cinemas: Spanish Springs’ Rialto Theater and Lake Sumter Landing’s Old Mill Playhouse.
So mosey on over to the town-square webcams, and get a bird’s-eye view of two of the most exciting corners of the Villages FL—an unforgettable and warm-spirited community.

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